The Colours of Madeleine Trilogy
The Ashbury / Brookfield Books

These books are set at two imaginary highschools in the north-west of Sydney: exclusive, private Ashbury High, and dangerous, public Brookfield. The books are all written in letters, notes and diary entries. They are loosely connected and some of the characters wander between books, but they are also ‘stand-alone’ books, and you don’t have to read them in order. They are: Feeling Sorry for Celia; Finding Cassie Crazy (The Year of Secret Assignments in the US); The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie (Becoming Bindy Mackenzie in the UK; and The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie in the US); and Dreaming of Amelia (The Ghosts of Ashbury High in the US).

Australian Covers

US Covers

Other Novels
Short Stories and Essays

``Purple`` in Kids’ Night In

Jessica Adams, Juliet Partridge and Nick Earls (eds), 2003

``Coffee Cake`` in Hunger & Other Stories

Michael Hyde and Val Kent (eds), 2003

“She’s Mine” in Not like I’m Jealous or Anything: The Jealousy Book

Marissa Walsh (ed), 2006

“The Royal Clue” in Can you Keep a Secret?

Louis Metzger (ed), 2007

“The Day Before Waterlily Arrived” in Does this Book Make Me Look Fat?

Marissa Walsh (ed), 2008

“The Spaces in Between” in Great Expectations, Twenty-Four True Stories about Childbirth

Lisa Moore and Dede Crane, (eds), 2008