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The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie

Becoming Bindy Mackenzie (UK)
The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie (US)

The Motive
Bindy Mackenzie is the most perfect girl at Ashbury High. She scores in the 99.9th percentile in all her classes. She holds lunchtime advisory sessions for her fellow students. She keeps careful transcripts of everything said around her. And she has been Kmart casual Employee of the Month for seventeen months straight. No wonder somebody wants to kill her.

The Suspects
Bindy is horrified to learn she must take part in the Friendship And Development Project – a new class meant to provide a “life raft” through “the tricky seas of adolescence.” Bindy can’t see how airheaded Emily Thompson, absentminded Elizabeth Clarry, mouthy Toby Mazzerati, malicious Astrid Bexonville, silent Briony Atkins, narcissistic Sergio Saba and handsome, enigmatic Finnegon Blonde could ever possibly help her. (Well, maybe Finnegan could.)

The Crime
But then Bindy’s perfect life begins to fall apart. She develops an obsession with the word “Cincinnati.” She can’t stop feeling sleepy. She fails an exam for the first time ever. And – worst of all – she just doesn’t care.

What could be the cause of all these strange events? Is it conspiracy? Is it madness? Is it . . . murder?

The Truth
Lots of people hate Bindy Mackenzie – but who would actually kill her? The answer is in Bindy’s transcripts. The detectives are the members of her FAD group. But Bindy has made every one of them into an enemy . . . and time is running out.



2007 Sisters in Crime Davitt Award for Best Young Adult Crime Novel


2007 Ned Kelly Awards - Fiction Best First

CBC Choices 2007

CBC Choices 2007
What others said about The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie

``satisfying and engaging … Moriarty's prose has a recognisable air of authenticity. … In Bindy, Moriarty has created an uptight, haughty know-it-all whom we should all despise - but don't. There's something universal about Bindy's flaws that makes her the perfect antihero. She's a complete dag, neurotic and exasperating, but she has an endearing streak that's a mile wide… crackles with convincing and often funny dialogue. … The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie is a keeper.``

The Age

“Moriarty has a natural talent for portraying teenagers with both candour and humour. Mix this with a very Australian story and a gripping plot and The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie is a truly enjoyable read”

The Blurb

”Bindy is a makeover book, with its protagonist evolving from an isolated, arrogant, lonely teen to someone with friends and who knows how to be a friend. Along the way, a mystery or two is solved. … Why Moriarty is a genius is she takes this unlikable character and makes her lovable. You root for her, you cringe as she makes some serious missteps, you cheer her accomplishments.
This is a companion book to Moriarty's other books, The Year of Secret Assignments and Feeling Sorry For Celia. All take part at the same school, and there are overlapping characters. Chronologically, Feeling Sorry For Celia takes place first and Bindy last. This is one of those sets that doesn't have to be read in order, but, because Moriarty is a wonderful author, you'll be happy that you've read all three.”

Liz Burns, The Edge of the Forest, Children’s Literature Monthly